Sirius Air Newsletter No 7

Welcome to Sirius Air’s Newsletter

Things are hotting up – literally! Although (so far) we’ve missed out on the storms that wreaked havoc in October last year, we’ve already had quite a few 30+ days and the Sirius Air team are busy helping clients prepare for another long, hot and humid summer.

EC Plug fans: Compact, quiet and efficient

Our project team has successfully installed a series of EC Plug Fans in existing AHU’s for a major infrastructure provider in Brisbane.  Plug fans are smaller and quieter than traditional fans.  Their increased efficiency can significantly reduce power costs.

We are currently working on a number of similar projects for other clients interested in leveraging this technology.   Our team includes a full time mechanical engineer with many years of experience in the design of complex (and simple) HVAC systems.   We can design, install and maintain plug fans into a range of different AHUs so you too can benefit from the improved performance of this new technology.

If you’d like to investigate whether EC plug fans may work in your environment we are happy to do a trial install so you can assess the operation and the benefits to you.

Remember, our project team is happy to quote on any mechanical services project you may be considering.

Fire and smoke safety, in the workplace and at home

Most of our commercial facilities require regular essential services testing and verification. In conjunction with a Fire Services provider, the Sirius Air team are regularly undertaking Essential Services testing and recording of the results in accordance with legislative requirements.

Our digital asset management software ensures all fire damper compliance tests are recorded and available to meet your audit and compliance needs. Testing 20% of fire dampers every year over a five-year period ensures testing and compliance is maintained.

Stair pressurization systems and smoke control systems require regular testing and verification. We undertake quarterly Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) shut down tests, and an annual SIF full function verification test. All records are maintained for ongoing compliance.

There has also been a great deal of legislative changes recently regarding smoke alarms. Although we don’t traditionally work with smoke alarms, it is a timely reminder that our work place and our homes need to be safe environments, and comply with legislation. For apartment owners, here is an interesting article posted by Smart Strata.

There is also plenty of information on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) website. Legislation changes to smoke alarms in dwellings will mean that by the 1st of January 2027, all smoke alarms in dwellings must be photoelectric type, complying with AS 3786-2014. It is never too early to make changes that keep us safe. Here are some helpful links to QFES documents that can help you stay informed.

Smoke Alarm Legislation Information

Smoke Alarm Types

Smoke Alarm Installation

Please give us a call if we can help with any of your fire and smoke safety requirements.

Guide: 50 Ways to Boost Building Performance

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has teamed up with consultants Norman Disney & Young to produce a guide of 50 “best-practice initiatives” new and existing building owners can implement to cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

CEFC property sector lead Chris Wade said “Through this report, we are highlighting a wide range of clean energy technologies that currently aren’t prescribed by the National Construction Code, but which are proven, readily available and can be deployed immediately.” The guide breaks down the 50 actions into upfront cost, payback, which climate zones it would be effective in, and which sector it would be feasible in. Sectors covered include office, retail, hotel, industrial, healthcare, residential, common living and education.

Initiatives include green roofs and walls, double-skin facades, mixed-mode ventilation, internal blinds, solar PV, LED lighting, cogeneration and trigeneration, power factor correction, BMS analytics and demand-controlled ventilation.  The guide can be downloaded here.

The Sirius Air team can provide you with an energy efficiency report on your HVAC operations using BMS analytics.  We’d be delighted to share with you a sample of what we can do or run a pilot on your assets to demonstrate the energy savings that could be gained from optimisation of your HVAC operations through on-going BMS analytics.

Welcome Russell Beutel, Senior Technician

We’re delighted to welcome Russell to Sirius Air as a senior technician.  Russell has extensive general HVAC maintenance experience, is an outstanding chiller tech and has an enviable reputation as one of the best HVAC technicians around. Russell is a great addition to the Sirius Air team.