Sirius Air Newsletter No 8

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It’s budget time again …  We can help with condition reports.

It’s that time of year where many of you are working on capex and maintenance budgets for the next financial year. The Sirius Air team regularly provides detailed condition reports on a full range of HVAC assets to support both capital and operating expenditure budgeting.

Our reports contain photos, estimated life and detailed costs of repair or replacement, and any other information you may need. All reports are reviewed and delivered by our experienced Service Manager. Where required we can also call on the services of our Engineering and Project teams.

Contact us now if you’d like help in getting ready for FY2019.

BMS Security: Are you safe from cyber-attacks?

How certain are you that your BMS is locked down and fully secure from cyber-attacks? With their connection to the internet and growing use of wireless, many BMS installations provide an easy entry for hackers straight into the heart of your corporate data networks.

Sirius Air has partnered with data security and internet of things experts, RIoT to conduct detailed assessments of the security and HVAC efficiency of installed BMS systems. We run non-invasive tests to assess the security of your BMS, and can either review existing data sets downloaded from your BMS or use data collected via our own installed device to report on how well the BMS is managing the connected HVAC assets from an energy efficiency perspective.

Our detailed report will highlight all major security and efficiency risks, together with recommendations on how to remediate them, plus issues that are worth further investigation.  At the very least, this service provides you with peace of mind that your BMS is supporting efficient HVAC operations and that it won’t provide the way in for a devastating cyber-attack.

Contact Andrew Beames to talk more about how Sirius Air and RIoT can help you.

Mandatory Legionella Testing

NSW has introduced new rules making it compulsory to undertake monthly testing for Legionella and heterotrophic colony count (HCC) for all cooling tower systems in NSW.

The changes were made based on recommendations of a committee established after two Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks in Sydney’s CBD in March and May 2016 leading to 13 confirmed infections and one death. Sirius Air recommends monthly cooling tower testing for Legionella and HCC.

Please let us know if we can help.

Vic Govt funding to encourage energy efficiency – How about it QLD?

Sustainability Victoria is offering businesses and building owners the opportunity to improve their energy performance through retrofit grants, funding up to $30,000 for commercial building owners to improve their energy efficiency. For business operations, they offer up to $18,000 to understand and improve energy intensity.

Past News

Some of our past features in case you’ve missed them:
  • Fire and smoke safety, in the workplace and at home: Most of our commercial facilities require regular essential services testing and verification. In conjunction with a Fire Services provider, the Sirius Air team undertake Essential Services testing and recording of the results in accordance with legislative requirements. Our digital asset management software ensures all fire damper compliance tests are recorded and available to meet your audit and compliance needs.
  • CEFC Guide: 50 Ways to Boost Building Performance: The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has teamed up with consultants Norman Disney & Young to produce a guide of 50 “best-practice initiatives” new and existing building owners can implement to cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The guide can be downloaded here.  The Sirius Air team can provide you with an energy efficiency report on your HVAC operations using BMS analytics.