Smarter Solutions

Smarter Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

We understand that our clients want to uphold their commitment to NABERS and that’s why we have all the skills needed to ensure high energy ratings for commercial buildings are maintained.

We can also improve performance and efficiency through the implementation of maintenance measures which include consistent and regular checks that pinpoint issues and facilitate the rectification of these issues in a timely fashion.

Some of our smarter solutions:

EC Plug Fans

The Sirius Air project team specialise in the retro fit of the latest technology supply air fans to existing Air Handling Unit and Ventilation Systems.

We have recently completed a highly complex project in a major public transportation facility whereby existing Air Handling Units were retrofitted with EC Plug Fans.  This entailed the removal of existing centrifugal supply air fans to enable a new wall to built within the Air Handling Unit to house a bank the new EC Plug Fans.  The systems were integrated into the Honeywell BMS Network.

EC Plug Fans are ‘DC’ directly commutated motor that have an onboard Variable Speed Drive.  This means that significant reductions in fan energy consumption are realised when the retrofit works are complete.  The EC Plug Fans have proven to be successful retrofit projects for our current client base wanting to extend longevity of their Ventilation Systems and save significant amounts of energy.

Building Management Solutions

Building Automation and Building Management Systems (BMS) provide centralised control and monitoring of connected equipment, as well the ability to implement strategies that inevitably save our clients’ money. Our technicians have high levels of experience with different BMS protocols gained over many years of servicing large commercial sites throughout the greater Brisbane region. The team can help select, install, configure and monitor your BMS to ensure optimum outcomes.

Sirius Air has partnered with a leading BMS provider specializing in ‘open’ control protocols to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

We can assist with BMS relocations, modifications, upgrades and ‘head end’ overlays of existing hardware of any proprietary brand.

We currently monitor building BMS systems from our head office. We are “dialled in” to the on-site BMS head end computer, which enables our staff to proactively monitor any alarms that appear. This allows us to expedite site attendance to any HVAC issues, ensuring any energy wastage is kept to a minimum. This remote monitoring assists us in being proactive on our approach towards customer service.

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