Our Project Case Studies

EC Plug Fans

The Sirius Air project team specialise in the retro fit of the latest technology supply air fans to existing Air Handling Unit and Ventilation Systems.

We have recently completed a highly complex project in a major public transportation facility whereby existing Air Handling Units were retrofitted with EC Plug Fans.  This entailed the removal of existing centrifugal supply air fans to enable a new wall to built within the Air Handling Unit to house a bank the new EC Plug Fans.  The systems were integrated into the Honeywell BMS Network.

EC Plug Fans are ‘DC’ directly commutated motor that have an onboard Variable Speed Drive.  This means that significant reductions in fan energy consumption are realised when the retrofit works are complete.  The EC Plug Fans have proven to be successful retrofit projects for our current client base wanting to extend longevity of their Ventilation Systems and save significant amounts of energy.

Cold Room

We constructed a 270m3 outdoor -20°c freezer room with a stock turn over rate of every 12 hours.

This project involved building up the carpark area to provide a level base for the freezer room to be directly off the loading dock area. Various sound regulations needed to be taken into our selection criteria due to the location of the room in relation to residential dwellings.

The project took 10 weeks from beginning to completion.

Marquee Air-Conditioning

We were asked by our client to come up with a cooling solution for the permanent marquee onsite as they were only able to utilize the marquee 6 months of the year due to the temperature inside the marquee.

The SASS team developed a stand on which a complete split system could be installed and placed onsite inside the marquee area with the condenser on the external side of the marquee wall.

We installed 8 x 7kw split systems into the marquee providing effective air conditioning throughout. Our innovative solution has given our client the ability to fully utilize the marquee 12 months of the year.


UQ Frank White Building – VRF Multi Head System

Sirius Air successfully installed a VRF Multi Head System at the University of Queensland Frank White Building during a major refurbishment project to the building.

With a total capacity of 100kW distributed between 15 x indoor head units installed in classrooms, this project proved to be complex and technical. The manufacturer’s proprietary Master Control System was successfully installed and commissioned to provide a turn key solution on time and on budget for our client


Major Upgrade and Refurbishment to Occupied Commercial Space

Sirius Air has recently completed a major refurbishment to the air conditioning at a key building at a major public transport facility. This project consisted of the removal of an existing 280kW DX ducted air conditioning plant and the retro fit of a new 300kW Chilled Water Reticulation System.

One of the key objectives of the project was to complete the retrofit works to the building while it was occupied by staff and maintain air conditioning to the building at all times. To achieve this there was a requirement to have all of the chilled water services and chiller installed and semi commissioned to allow for ‘one for one’ cut over of the old DX indoor units to the new chilled water Air Handling Units. The new Air Handling Units were disassembled on-site and transported to a mezzanine plant room and then reassembled in place due to the restricted access to the plant room.

A state of the art CO2 monitoring system was installed to enable the tenant to have numerous meeting rooms with high occupancy while still adhering to code requirements for fresh air and significantly reducing energy consumed by the air conditioning plant as only the minimum amount of outside air is being introduced into the conditioned spaces.

This project proved to be highly technical and complex and was completed on time and on budget for our client with minimal disruptions to the on-site staff.

Sirius Air provides 24 x 7 coverage

We have technicians on-call to attend break downs at any time of the day or night, including public holidays.